A (very) Short Translation

Hey there! Oliv here 😀

I hope you enjoyed my last post – a tiny little children’s story about puddles in French (I mean, who can resist) – but if  you only learnt conversational Spanish at school, or perhaps if my extremely juvenile French was too much like the ramblings of a simpleton to comprehend, here is a rough English translation. Any thoughts, comments, illustrations or dramatic dance interpretations are more than welcome – we are a chatty bunch!

Many cuddles,

1/4 of EdwardAlice (Olivia) x




Big Like A Lake

A (very) short story by Olivia Horrox



Once upon a time there was a tiny little puddle named Daisy.

She was a very sweet little soul, but she had some big dreams. Daisy wanted to be bigger – big like a lake.

She spoke to her neighbour, Bob, about her dreams, and he had a very good idea.

“Daisy,” he said, “why don’t you wait until it pours with rain, then you can get bigger!”

“Bob! You’re so clever, what a good idea!”

And so…. They waited.

And one day, it began to rain, then it rained some more, and then it rained even more! Until eventually, the heavens opened.

“Look Bob! You were right!”

“It’s a miracle!” Cried Bob.

“Well…. I mean, yeah. I don’t really believe in God but er…”

“Ah. Me neither… erm… Well, regardless, your dreams have come true Daisy!”

“Bob,” said Daisy, “would you… marry me?”


“Because then we can become bigger… together.”

“Daisy,” said Bob softly, “it would be my pleasure.”

And so, they grew together, and had tiny little baby puddles named Françoise, Daphne and Alan. And one day they all became a lake together named ‘Bobsy’, (a combination of their first names).

And they lived very happily ever after.


The End.