Grace and Ted.

Ten years later…

The dust had settled and Ted was ten years older. His face was more wrinkled now and his back had gone a few weeks before, so he was careful about how he carried himself. It was a darkish sort of October day and so he’d made the choice to wear his green coat with poppers that covered the zip.

Ted sat down at the bus stop. The memories of Grace had gone to the back of his head but never faded. Other things had stacked on top of them like books, hardly read, but, still perfectly legible should he choose to pick one up. He’d not seen her for years, except one time from a distance and she looked happy in her new life so he watched her for a few seconds and loved her again. Then he walked away with the feeling that his chest had sunken in on itself.

As he sat there quietly waiting for the bus he heard a familiar voice coming closer over the sound of his headphones. “Ted?” Looking around he saw her, she was more wrinkled but still perfect. “Grace?” Was all he could say, his eyes glazed over. The unexpected nature of their meet had caused his mind to skim over their past together and for a few seconds, it felt like everything was the same. She sat down next to him and he started to sweat. He then faced the decision to keep his coat on and keep sweating or take it off and let her know he was a mess. “What’re you doing here?” he said. “I’m visiting my sister and my car’s broken down so I’m catching the bus for a few days. You?” “I still live here.” “Oh.” They paused for a second. “Still the same place?” she asked. “Yeah, St. James street, I like it there. I see your sister sometimes but we don’t speak, she seems good though.” “Yeah she is. She’s got a few problems with her arthritis but we’re all old now.” “That we are, seems like yesterday we were hanging around at The Union on Shaw Street though.” “Yeah it does.”

A few minutes went by, they made small talk and found out what each other had been up to. After a while though they ran out of things to talk about. They both knew the inevitable questions were coming but Ted certainly wasn’t going to bring it up. He’d spend years mentally dodging the whole thing precisely so he didn’t have to deal with it. Eventually though after a good long session of avoidance she came out with it. “What happened Ted?” Even the question annoyed him and in his mind he was viciously blunt but toned it down before it reached his tongue, because he knew at this stage nothing was going to give him back the years he lost.  “I don’t know, things got out of hand I guess, and, you did what you had to do.” “That was a spectacular attempt at deflection.” She smiled and carried on, “you always were good at making me feel better about myself.” He shrugged and there were visible tears at this point. The wrinkles in his face looked like makeup to Grace and she still remembered him as a young man. “I’m sorry Ted, I didn’t know it was going to end that way.” “You disappeared Grace, I waited for you to come back but you never did.” “I didn’t know what else to do, I was scared and things got too serious to quickly.” “For you they did, but I was happy. I thought you were too.” “I feel terrible but I did what I thought was best, you had friends around you, you weren’t alone. I had no one when I moved away.” “ You know the true irony of love is that the point where you loose it is when you need it most.”

Ted took Graces hand and for those few minutes they were 20 again and in love. It’s times like that when it seems unfair that the happier you are the quicker time passes. It felt like a blink. Ted wished it was a dream, dreams last a split second but feel like days, he could have spent weeks sitting at that stop. Then then bus came and took Grace away from him again, he never saw her after that but the book never closed, these things never do.

Life After Death – One Non-believers Opinion.

I think that because I’m an atheist people think that I think that, when you die, you become nothing. As if your life becomes erased and all trace of you will eventually disappear, and because I don’t believe in an afterlife that’s the only option. In fact my feelings couldn’t be further from the truth. If I thought that me, or worse, the people that I love would just disappear when they die then it would render life as worthless as 1’s and 0’s by themselves. But that isn’t what I believe. It’s not even a question of belief really, because this train of though is what I know to be true, the word belief is just something I hadn’t considered the actual meaning of until just now, probably because of my social conditioning. Anyway, my point really is that we are all just stored, potential and recycled energy that has always been here, and we have been lucky enough to have been thrown together this time round in this order. But if I was a tree I probably wouldn’t want to be anything else either. My friends and family and everyone who I might know and will never know have been bouncing off each other for ever. It’s crazy to me to think that when I look at my hand or eye’s or any part of my body that the energy and individual components have, and still are, probably infinite. Like those 1’s and 0’s, worthless by themselves but given a lucky purpose this time round before they go back to being in peaceful waiting as potentially lucky. We are all lucky to be here, not because of god or our parents, although that one is a path of luck nearly as ridiculously rare as this, but because each day we expend energy that has been reused countless times, we are perfect amalgamations of cells. But in the end when this arrangement recycles all it can, it will disband and our atoms will go back to the drawing board, shake hands and move on to the next experiment and out of that comes more life. You get to go all over again with no sin, no pain of what has been, just a clean slate with new people and a legacy that you will never know how old and wise you really are.

By Thomas Pollyn.

Muffin To See Here

A Short Story by Olivia Horrox.

Once upon a time there was nothing. All was dark, and quiet, and still.

And then something began to stir. Invisible forces began to move previously unknown objects. They began to swirl together, a chaos of infinite proportions pulling and pushing, crushing individual elements together to create new forms.

And then… Silence, all but for a gentle hum.

Steve began to feel self aware. He couldn’t say when it started, or how or why, but he began to feel things, sense things and eventually see things. Steve looked around him. His vision was still blurry, and besides there wasn’t much light to speak of, but he was warm and comfortable and entirely un-afraid.

“Phwoar, I’m warm!”

“Argh!” Steve screamed, “what the..?”

“Ahh! What? What? What is it?”

“I’m sorry! I just, I didn’t realise I wasn’t alone!”

“Oh man! Haha, yeah, I’m sorry I should have given you some warning – phew, you scared me! Hey listen, I’m Agnes.”

“Steve,” he nodded.

“It’s nice to meet you, Steve. And hey I’m sorry I scared you, I just wasn’t thinking. I saw you waking up and everything – doi! Oh wow, I’m not sure people say that anymore do they…”

Steve was stunned. Could his first day have started any better? Sure, he was still only just becoming aware of his surroundings, but what are the chances? The first person he speaks to is this charmingly awkward, funny girl. He was completely bowled over, and embarrassingly enough, he started to blush.

“No, no, honestly, it’s fine,” replied Steve, “I’m glad I’m not alone. It’s nice to have somebody to go through this with. By the way, do you have any idea what ‘this’ is..?”

“Not a clue,” smiled Ages, “but you know, somehow I feel entirely un-afraid. Almost like we were put here for a reason, you know?”

“Yeah,” Steve said softly, “I know exactly what you mean.”

They shared a brief yet beautiful moment looking into each other’s eyes, then Agnes giggled and turned away. Steve caught sight of her rosy cheek and couldn’t contain the grin stretching across his face. They were smitten!

Steve and Agnes spent the next countless moments talking and laughing and getting to know one another, essentially at the same time as they were getting to know themselves.

Everything seemed just perfect. Until suddenly a blinding light shone forth, followed by a cold, harsh wind.

“Mum! Mum! Mummy!” Bellowed a great, deep voice. Steve and Agnes were frozen stiff, entirely afraid and fearful for their lives. “They worked!”

“What worked, sweetheart?” Cried a different voice, more distant than the first.

“My muffins!”

The ground began to shake beneath Steve and Agnes. The light became even brighter, and that cold, harsh wind began to hug

tight around them making it difficult to breathe.

“Oh darling, they look lovely! Well done, I knew you’d get them right eventually. Baking is such a delicate art, what with the temperature control, the mixing. It will all come with practice.”

“Oh thank you, I’m so chuffed with them! Do you want one whilst they’re still warm?”

“Oh I shouldn’t just before tea, but go on then.”

A long shadow was cast over Agnes, and Steve immediately feared the worst. The enormous claw descended, and they both knew it was too late.

“No, Agnes, no!” Steve began to panic, even though deep down he knew it was futile.

“Steve, help!” Cried Agnes, but it was too late. The claw had her in it’s grasp. She was being carried off into the unknown.

“I love you, Agnes!” Cried Steve in desperation, “I will always love you!”

“I’ll never forget you, Steve! I’ll never…” “Oh that is delicious, darling!”
“Ooh yes, try one, they’re divine!”

“Oh wow… Mmm… Man I can’t believe I made these!”

“I’m so proud of you. Ooh and they’re so gooey in the middle. The white chocolate chips were a great idea, good shout. Hey lovey, you should try cupcakes next time.”

A (very) Short Translation

Hey there! Oliv here 😀

I hope you enjoyed my last post – a tiny little children’s story about puddles in French (I mean, who can resist) – but if  you only learnt conversational Spanish at school, or perhaps if my extremely juvenile French was too much like the ramblings of a simpleton to comprehend, here is a rough English translation. Any thoughts, comments, illustrations or dramatic dance interpretations are more than welcome – we are a chatty bunch!

Many cuddles,

1/4 of EdwardAlice (Olivia) x




Big Like A Lake

A (very) short story by Olivia Horrox



Once upon a time there was a tiny little puddle named Daisy.

She was a very sweet little soul, but she had some big dreams. Daisy wanted to be bigger – big like a lake.

She spoke to her neighbour, Bob, about her dreams, and he had a very good idea.

“Daisy,” he said, “why don’t you wait until it pours with rain, then you can get bigger!”

“Bob! You’re so clever, what a good idea!”

And so…. They waited.

And one day, it began to rain, then it rained some more, and then it rained even more! Until eventually, the heavens opened.

“Look Bob! You were right!”

“It’s a miracle!” Cried Bob.

“Well…. I mean, yeah. I don’t really believe in God but er…”

“Ah. Me neither… erm… Well, regardless, your dreams have come true Daisy!”

“Bob,” said Daisy, “would you… marry me?”


“Because then we can become bigger… together.”

“Daisy,” said Bob softly, “it would be my pleasure.”

And so, they grew together, and had tiny little baby puddles named Françoise, Daphne and Alan. And one day they all became a lake together named ‘Bobsy’, (a combination of their first names).

And they lived very happily ever after.


The End.

Grande Comme Une Mare – Une autre histoire (très) courte par Olivia Horrox



Il était une fois une petite flaque qui s’appela Daisy.

Daisy était très gentille mais elle avait des grands rêves. Daisy veut devenir plus grande – grande comme une mare. 

Elle a raconte ses rêves a son voisin, Bob, qui a eu une très bon idée.

« Daisy, » dit-il, « attend qu’il pleuvait à torrent, et puis tu deviendrai plus grande ! » 

« Bob ! Tu es trop intelligent ! C’est une très bonne idée. » 

Donc… ils attendirent.

Et un jour, il se mit à pleuvoir, à pleuvoir et à pleuvoir encore. Et finalement, il plut à torrent !

« Regard, Bob ! Tu avais raison ! »

« C’est un miracle » dit Bob.

« Bah… je ne croix pas en dieu moi, donc… »

« Ah oui, moi non plus. Uhh… c’est pas important, tes rêves sont réel ! » 

« Bob, » dit Daisy, « veux-tu m’épouser ? »

« Daisy…! »

« Parce qu’alors nous pouvons devenir une mare ensemble »

« Daisy, » dit Bob, « ca serait un plaisir. »

Et donc, ils grandirent ensemble, et eurent des petites flaques qui s’appelle Françoise, Daphne et Alan. Et un jour ils devinrent une mare qui s’appelle ‘Bobsy’, un combinaison des leurs prénoms.

Et ils vécurent très heureux pour toujours.




By Olivia Horrox

Galata Schmalata – A (very) Short Story

Galata Schmalata – A (very) Short Story

by Olivia Horrox

She stopped and stared up at the building. It was the most beautiful dusty rose colour. It must have been red brick at some point and been weathered with time. She wondered what colour she would have been originally had she been a building, and what she would look like now with all her twenty-three years of weathering.

‘How many people have looked at this building?’ she wondered. It seemed like such a banal and stupid question upon real thought, but it allowed her mind to drift over all the faces of those who had stared in the same direction as her. All of their stories, with all of their baggage. Their families and past lovers. Had this technically very plain building reminded someone of someone else? A sister of a brother, an uncle of his niece, a widower of her best friend. We have so many ties in this world, yet never know anything of each other’s. But it sure is fun to wonder.

She wandered on, down the cobbled street amidst the crowds of people. Past Galata Tower, which was beautiful, but gave her no real rush of imagination like her plain old dusty rose building had.

She was, of course, thinking of him. The one she always wished she could share these moments with. The only other mind that she had ever felt truly akin with, and yet the only other mind she had ever been consistently fascinated by.

He would have stopped. And stared. And with a tilt of the head said something so true and yet mesmerising; able to make even the dullest of colours seem awash with purpose. He was, after all, just like the building itself – unassuming and understated. But once truly looked at, absolutely sensational.


By Olivia Horrox


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