Life After Death – One Non-believers Opinion.

I think that because I’m an atheist people think that I think that, when you die, you become nothing. As if your life becomes erased and all trace of you will eventually disappear, and because I don’t believe in an afterlife that’s the only option. In fact my feelings couldn’t be further from the truth. If I thought that me, or worse, the people that I love would just disappear when they die then it would render life as worthless as 1’s and 0’s by themselves. But that isn’t what I believe. It’s not even a question of belief really, because this train of though is what I know to be true, the word belief is just something I hadn’t considered the actual meaning of until just now, probably because of my social conditioning. Anyway, my point really is that we are all just stored, potential and recycled energy that has always been here, and we have been lucky enough to have been thrown together this time round in this order. But if I was a tree I probably wouldn’t want to be anything else either. My friends and family and everyone who I might know and will never know have been bouncing off each other for ever. It’s crazy to me to think that when I look at my hand or eye’s or any part of my body that the energy and individual components have, and still are, probably infinite. Like those 1’s and 0’s, worthless by themselves but given a lucky purpose this time round before they go back to being in peaceful waiting as potentially lucky. We are all lucky to be here, not because of god or our parents, although that one is a path of luck nearly as ridiculously rare as this, but because each day we expend energy that has been reused countless times, we are perfect amalgamations of cells. But in the end when this arrangement recycles all it can, it will disband and our atoms will go back to the drawing board, shake hands and move on to the next experiment and out of that comes more life. You get to go all over again with no sin, no pain of what has been, just a clean slate with new people and a legacy that you will never know how old and wise you really are.

By Thomas Pollyn.