Muffin To See Here

A Short Story by Olivia Horrox.

Once upon a time there was nothing. All was dark, and quiet, and still.

And then something began to stir. Invisible forces began to move previously unknown objects. They began to swirl together, a chaos of infinite proportions pulling and pushing, crushing individual elements together to create new forms.

And then… Silence, all but for a gentle hum.

Steve began to feel self aware. He couldn’t say when it started, or how or why, but he began to feel things, sense things and eventually see things. Steve looked around him. His vision was still blurry, and besides there wasn’t much light to speak of, but he was warm and comfortable and entirely un-afraid.

“Phwoar, I’m warm!”

“Argh!” Steve screamed, “what the..?”

“Ahh! What? What? What is it?”

“I’m sorry! I just, I didn’t realise I wasn’t alone!”

“Oh man! Haha, yeah, I’m sorry I should have given you some warning – phew, you scared me! Hey listen, I’m Agnes.”

“Steve,” he nodded.

“It’s nice to meet you, Steve. And hey I’m sorry I scared you, I just wasn’t thinking. I saw you waking up and everything – doi! Oh wow, I’m not sure people say that anymore do they…”

Steve was stunned. Could his first day have started any better? Sure, he was still only just becoming aware of his surroundings, but what are the chances? The first person he speaks to is this charmingly awkward, funny girl. He was completely bowled over, and embarrassingly enough, he started to blush.

“No, no, honestly, it’s fine,” replied Steve, “I’m glad I’m not alone. It’s nice to have somebody to go through this with. By the way, do you have any idea what ‘this’ is..?”

“Not a clue,” smiled Ages, “but you know, somehow I feel entirely un-afraid. Almost like we were put here for a reason, you know?”

“Yeah,” Steve said softly, “I know exactly what you mean.”

They shared a brief yet beautiful moment looking into each other’s eyes, then Agnes giggled and turned away. Steve caught sight of her rosy cheek and couldn’t contain the grin stretching across his face. They were smitten!

Steve and Agnes spent the next countless moments talking and laughing and getting to know one another, essentially at the same time as they were getting to know themselves.

Everything seemed just perfect. Until suddenly a blinding light shone forth, followed by a cold, harsh wind.

“Mum! Mum! Mummy!” Bellowed a great, deep voice. Steve and Agnes were frozen stiff, entirely afraid and fearful for their lives. “They worked!”

“What worked, sweetheart?” Cried a different voice, more distant than the first.

“My muffins!”

The ground began to shake beneath Steve and Agnes. The light became even brighter, and that cold, harsh wind began to hug

tight around them making it difficult to breathe.

“Oh darling, they look lovely! Well done, I knew you’d get them right eventually. Baking is such a delicate art, what with the temperature control, the mixing. It will all come with practice.”

“Oh thank you, I’m so chuffed with them! Do you want one whilst they’re still warm?”

“Oh I shouldn’t just before tea, but go on then.”

A long shadow was cast over Agnes, and Steve immediately feared the worst. The enormous claw descended, and they both knew it was too late.

“No, Agnes, no!” Steve began to panic, even though deep down he knew it was futile.

“Steve, help!” Cried Agnes, but it was too late. The claw had her in it’s grasp. She was being carried off into the unknown.

“I love you, Agnes!” Cried Steve in desperation, “I will always love you!”

“I’ll never forget you, Steve! I’ll never…” “Oh that is delicious, darling!”
“Ooh yes, try one, they’re divine!”

“Oh wow… Mmm… Man I can’t believe I made these!”

“I’m so proud of you. Ooh and they’re so gooey in the middle. The white chocolate chips were a great idea, good shout. Hey lovey, you should try cupcakes next time.”